Dr Simoni: Absolute professional work ethics. by Hori A.

Los Angeles, CA

in short:
after much thought, consultations, and considerations i finally went under the surgon’s knife (dr. simoni’s this time) once more adn i am so glad i did.  it has been a month already and things already looking waaaaay more improved.

had it not be because of dr. simoni’s specific knowledge and abilities, his experience (for my type problem), his patience, his absolute professional work ethics, and the warm and caring office staff i would have never touched my nose again after my first experience 15 years brought me so much misery and pain.

my frist nose job took place 15 years ago with another surgon! the guy promised me the moon and i ended not only with a crooked tip but difficulty breathing specially from the left side.

finally my cousin, monica, who is married to a gastrointestinal surgen herself suggested me to visit dr simoni just for a consultation.

this dr very patiently (maybe for a good 20 mins) examined the previous work and went through the steps that we can take to make it right.

after much affirmations i finally went under the surgon’s knife once more adn i am so glad i did.

after a month now despite the natural swallowing specially under my eyes, i can clearly breath for the frist time in a long time and to my surprise (i was so disappointed) there has been a major improvement to the shape of my nose too.

doctors that do make a difference in the both physical and psychological conditions of their patients do deserve much appreciation and dr. simoni is once of those doctors.