Dr. Simoni. Best of the best. by Adriana O

Mount Hope, KS

Before choosing Dr.Simoni,I had been to several plastic surgeons. Because I wanted the BEST! Some where great and had nice  results to show but still I did not feel 100 percent convinced they were the right surgeon for me.My last appointment of the day was Dr. Simoni,I had yet been to a surgeon  who’s  specialty was rhinoplasty’s.Right away he takes out his little ruler and begins his assessment with me. The other surgeons only looked at me like I was a hot mess LOL.. Right away I had the feeling of wow,this doctor is actually doing something others didn’t and when telling me what he suggested i was amazed! I didn’t feel like I was going to be an experiment of some kind. Once I seen that 3D imagine I was convinced Dr. Simoni was the surgeon for me! Besides the outstanding results he had shown me from previous patients, I got a great feeling that my nose would great hands.A year later and I’m extremely happy with my results. This was the best decision I mad for myself and a complete life changer. My self esteem was low before this procedure but thanks to Dr. Simoni and his wonderful team, I finally have the confidence I had wanted for many years. I highly,highly recommend Dr. Simoni. Best of the best!