Perfection is not a strong enough word to describe my entire experience by Shannon M.

Sacramento, CA

Booking a consultation was by far the easiest with Dr. Simoni’s office.  The lady I spoke with was friendly and answered all of my questions.  She was extremely professional and thorough, unlike the other office I contacted.
Excellent location, inside is very clean, well decorated, and has a comfortable atmosphere.  I was greeted and did not wait long for my consultation.
Dr. Simoni not only listened to me, I felt like he knew what I wanted before I even described my wishes.  His staff was busy with other patients so he took my photos himself.  He then made sure we were both seeing the results I have longed for over the past 20 years.  I understood what procedure will take place, how long the healing process is, and every question I had was answered before he knew I’d already decided to schedule the procedure with him.
I am very much looking forward to the surgery (well, honestly – the end result) as I was told by a plastic surgeon’s office in my local area that rhinoplasty can go wrong just by 1mm and throw off the entire balance of the face.  They recommended I go to a doctor with a high level of expertise – and I am pleasantly surprised by the entire experience so far.
Booking was easy as well and I am counting down the days…  🙂

UPDATE:  I had the procedures done!!
I decided to add on a brow-lift since I would be under general anesthesia already and Dr. Simoni is also known for his amazing results in this procedure as well.
Results are still coming as there is swelling and bruising, but this has been one of the best decisions of my life to have the procedure done by Dr. Simoni and his staff.  They all did their job and made me feel comfortable, almost as though we were all friends.  The follow up calls to check on me and advice have been wonderful!
Ashley was my first point of contact to the office and was wonderful.  Jessica was so very professional in her nursing skills, even at her young age and I felt so comfortable with her assisting me change clothes and dress after the procedure.  Magda answered many ‘out of the box’ questions I had in regard to payments with patience and efficiency.  Heather was there to greet me the morning of and answered my final questions.  She also helped calm my nerves.  The anesthesiologist was so very skilled and attentive to my needs.  She also made time to have a personalized conversation before the procedure.
One additional incredible woman (cannot recall her name) held my hand and made eye contact with me as I was nervous and awaited the medication to put me to sleep.  Her gentleness and this gift she gave me was one of the best parts of my experience!
I can already see that when the swelling subsides, I will have the exact results I had dreamed of.
I have four family members who have also been wanting to get plastic surgery – after my experience, they have all decided they will book their consultations and surgical procedures with Dr. Simoni.
Perfection is not a strong enough word to describe my entire experience!  When you want to befriend the people who work there for you and return to the office of a Doctor just to be on site, that is success beyond words.  I am so thankful!!

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